STAY FOCUSED FERGUSON, We hear you, we see you, we’re with you!

The CNN network stated earlier, that the Family of Michael Brown has released the autopsy report by Pathologist Michael Baden and the report shows that he was shot 6 times, twice in the head (once directly to the top of his skull) and 4 times in the right arm. ALL SHOTS CAME FROM THE FRONT!!!

THIS is terrible news, yet is indicative of what we already suspected/knew. HOWEVER, we must not lose sight of the real issue here! A YOUNG MAN was shot and it doesn’t seem that his actions justifies the result that ended in his death.

It is understandable that our community is angry. Our dissatisfaction though, should not be impotent, and should most certainly reach much farther than marching, shouting, protesting, etc. NOW is the time to truly act!!! Take inventory of who “WE” as a people are, and then use what we have to invest in ourselves. We do this by staying focused on the facts at hand, and then coming up with viable, credible ways, to change what is.

Please, don’t let those negative few who claim that they are fighting the good fight with us, but are ultimately planning ways to defy us all, by looting, planning to overtake and over run authority, to hurt, and assemble groups that will, in the end, set us back even further than we already are, define what it means to be BLACK IN AMERICA!

Those folks don’t represent me and I hope that they don’t represent you!


About Divided Chaos

Well, what can I say about me??? I know~ Here goes..... I am not your average, just let me type meaningless words that are neither thought provoking or inspiring on a computer screen, just because I have a computer and nothing better to do, kind of gal. My goal is to present debatable ideas and topics, open up a dialog, and perhaps come up with viable solutions. I am candid, honest, and at times, even controversial. However, I am also liberal minded and ready to learn and impart different perspectives about a wide array of things. I just hope that I will be afforded the same regard. I am fun, enthusiastic, emotional, social, and competent. In short, I am human. It is my desire that you truly enjoy what you read from me and comment, comment, comment. If you don't ... well then... How in the heck am I supposed to know let me know??? So, In short, All feedback is appreciated, and if you are honest as I'd like you to be, and I am as receptive as I pledge, then between you and I, there can be no 'Chaotic Divide'.

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