I just read a recent article relating to the slain Florida Teen, Trayvon Martin. In this article I learned that to some extent that both Al Sharpton & Jessie Jackson were becoming front runners in the outcry of Racial Injustice where it relates to Trayvon.

It also appears that due to the outrage exhibited by an empathetic community using Trayvon’s name in various ways of protest, Martin’s family is looking to now “Trademark” the teens name. I don’t even know what to say about this.I mean really, in what forum should sympathetic support for a murdered teen turn into a profitable investment???? I also, can’t help but to wonder if the involvement of the two above mentioned, self proclaimed, representative voice for the black community, advised the family to do this. As it does sometimes appear as though Sharpton’s nor Jackson’s intentions are not always selfless or pure.

In one aspect, I really wish that Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson hadn’t become so vocal with the TRAYVON MARTIN issue. I mean, when they get involved,’Yes, they do become sources of media attention, but the attention they command is not always positive but does, instead, often become a source of ridicule and scrutiny. I truly do hope, however, that we, the community of people who want justice for Trayvon, keep the focus on the situation that occurred with Trayvon, an unarmed teen, who was shot by a man of another race, simply because he “looked suspicious” & was wearing a hoodie and walking through a gated community whilst being black, and the IGNORANT PERSON WHO COMMITTED THE REAL CRIME, WAS NOT ARRESTED…. THIS IS THE REAL ISSUE!

Lately, I’ve also noted that the reputation of this child, Trayvon Martin, doing the childish and experimental things (like unfortunately possessing marijuana, and being suspended from school in the past). This is something that just about American community can lay claim to regardless of race, color, or creed… How dare it even be considered a source of rationale for anyone to attack the reputation of the DEFENSELESS (remember Skittles and Iced Tea) and innocent dead, in such a fashion!

I implore to the whole of America but especially to the Black Community to come together with intellect and perseverance. Not with loud mouths and blatant ignorance. I pray that we can truly get it right with this one. Unlike Trayvon Martin, “WE” do still have a chance.


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Well, what can I say about me??? I know~ Here goes..... I am not your average, just let me type meaningless words that are neither thought provoking or inspiring on a computer screen, just because I have a computer and nothing better to do, kind of gal. My goal is to present debatable ideas and topics, open up a dialog, and perhaps come up with viable solutions. I am candid, honest, and at times, even controversial. However, I am also liberal minded and ready to learn and impart different perspectives about a wide array of things. I just hope that I will be afforded the same regard. I am fun, enthusiastic, emotional, social, and competent. In short, I am human. It is my desire that you truly enjoy what you read from me and comment, comment, comment. If you don't ... well then... How in the heck am I supposed to know let me know??? So, In short, All feedback is appreciated, and if you are honest as I'd like you to be, and I am as receptive as I pledge, then between you and I, there can be no 'Chaotic Divide'.

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  1. Well,I’ve left several comments on blogs concerning this case.I agree with you,but also let me add that,this family lost a child,and the way it is looking, they are not going to get the justice that they seek for the cold,calculated death of their beloved son.This goes to show how the upper-handers will do ANYTHING to protect theirs, but will tell us we have nothing to say or do about ours when they get into trouble.From what I understand,Zimmerman is the son of an retired Judge,and comes from a well-to-do and highly respected family background.Trayvon,comes from a seemingly loving family that did their best to raise their son,regardless of a couple of little mishaps,we all mess up,but not all kills another out of ignorance and malice.I’m quite sure that Zimmerman did some of those same things when he was a teen or knows someone who did.However,that has nothing to do with what led up to this child’s death.These people are lying,denying,and defying in order to excuse the wrong of one of their own,while attempting to paint a demoralizing picture of a dead child.If Trayvon was attacking Zimmerman in any way,it was in self-defense,or “standing his ground” knowing HIS life was in danger.Tray was simply doing what any of us would do in that predicament;fight for our lives!What we as black people need to do is to take these type of things more serious,care more for our own,look after one another,and for goodness sake..learn to keep our BIG MOUTHS SHUT!! We talk to much,letting the right hand know what the left is doing,we tell everything!The only thing another has to do is say something leading,and then we are off to the finish line!Our people have to learn and practice self-control,it is a priceless jewel we as a whole need to collect!These people we are attempting to get justice from is really not telling us a thing!They are only throwing bones to hungry dogs sort to speak,and they are sitting back laughing and planning their next move.We need to WAKE UP and STAY FOCUSED,because this has been going on way too long….we have to simply stay aware,armed with knowledge,and ready to battle.

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