A letter to God…

Dear God,

I know you are amazing, I know that you are wonderful, and I know that you are more than well. So therefore, I won’t bore you with such ordinary preliminaries. Instead, I will start off this letter to you with an apology.

God, I know for certain that I have not been a perfect Christian. I know that I have both said and done things that you would not favor. I don’t always follow the 10 laws in which you command, and therefore I often fall short of your grace. I don’t fall to my knees every night or give you all the praise in which you are due. I am weak, I am flawed, I am a pathetic example of the Christian you demand that I be. I have taken situations that have fallen upon me and questioned your decision to make these situations mine.

I have been jealous. I have been spiteful, I have been angered, vengeful, and vindictive. I don’t always remember to keep the Sabbath day holy, I don’t always go to church.  I have not handed things completely over to you, and have not  always accepted the fact that it is YOU and ONLY YOU who is in control. I have, at times, attempted to have others bend to my will, not willing to accept the fact that we all have free will, and that this will was granted to us all by you. I have tried to force another to love me in ways that I guess just isn’t possible for them, but is always present and available in you. In this especially, Dear Lord, I surrender all.

I have been judgemental and critical of others and I’ve refused to accept things as they are. I have felt as though I had the power to change certain situations and have resisted your suggestion to be at PEACE, to BE STILL.  I have denied that the life that I am currently living is the one in which I am supposed to live. I am the perfect example of being a Christian with insurmountable imperfections. I have failed you, I have failed me.

AND… Now, Dear God, I come to you sadly, meekly, humbly, asking for your forgiveness. I was taught that all I had to do was ask and that I would instantly receive your mercy. I confess my sins, I confess, my thoughts, I hope and I pray that you will guide me…

“I now place my personal will upon the altar. “Your will, not my will; Your way not my way; Your time not my time — and in the twinkling of an eye it is done!” (Florence Scovel Shinn) I pray that you allow me to abide by the words that I have just written. I also ask that you grant me patience. With anxiousness comes anxiety and with anxiety comes illness that does not keep one well. My patience has been tested time and time again, and time and time again, I have come undone. God, I ask that you keep me close, that you guide me, that you hold tight, my hand in yours.

Though times are often trying I know that all things are possible with you. I don’t ask that you give me what I want. I simply ask that you give me what is mine. Give me what is truly, divinely mine, and please grant me the ability to correctly, divinely, reciprocate.

I pray for my family, I pray for my friends. I ask that you will bless and keep them always.

I thank you for all that you have done, all that you are currently doing, and all that you will do for me and for us all. I thank you for listening! I’m hoping that through these, my words, I can compel others to truly come to you and seek your guidance and support. I understand that we are nothing without you, but you, are everything and That WITH (you) GOD, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!

God, I have tried this on my own, I have tried many things in my own way, and I know that the outcome pales ,very much, in comparison, to your power and what you can and will do.

I  Thank you Lord, well in advance, because I know that before this letter to you is complete, before my words have appeared on this screen, and before I even push the button that says ‘publish’, You, have already set your plan for me into motion. Allow me to recognize your works. Allow me to step aside and witness  your will as I stand in awe of how completely and how perfectly you can get things done.

I ask of you Lord, with every fiber of my being, and with everything that I am, that you do what I already know you have done, and that is… Hear my prayer.

God I ask all of these things in the name of  thine Son, Jesus, and once again I give you all thanks and praise (as a good Christian should),


Thank your for reading… Trennell/ A.K.A Trenni


About Divided Chaos

Well, what can I say about me??? I know~ Here goes..... I am not your average, just let me type meaningless words that are neither thought provoking or inspiring on a computer screen, just because I have a computer and nothing better to do, kind of gal. My goal is to present debatable ideas and topics, open up a dialog, and perhaps come up with viable solutions. I am candid, honest, and at times, even controversial. However, I am also liberal minded and ready to learn and impart different perspectives about a wide array of things. I just hope that I will be afforded the same regard. I am fun, enthusiastic, emotional, social, and competent. In short, I am human. It is my desire that you truly enjoy what you read from me and comment, comment, comment. If you don't ... well then... How in the heck am I supposed to know let me know??? So, In short, All feedback is appreciated, and if you are honest as I'd like you to be, and I am as receptive as I pledge, then between you and I, there can be no 'Chaotic Divide'.

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