How we love…

To be a mother, a friend, a daughter or son, a wife or a husband  is easy, to be Good at all of the previously mentioned things  is what’s hard. All things in time, life truly does come full circle. For those in your life whom you honestly love, NEVER EVER close the doors on them. Let them know that your heart is always open, and even in your physical absences, for them, you will always, in all ways, be there.

We fail to be perfect. This is true for every single one of us. That should not stop us, however, for striving towards perfection. We make mistakes and falter greatly along the way. Such is life. We that are alive, live. We are taught to love, by the ones who loved us. The most substantial power loving us being God.

To learn to love ones self first is not at all possible, because although it is an innate emotion, WE give it a name. WE give it power. Again, we love because we are loved. You cannot give what has not been received. It’s a progressive circle. Something like the circle of life. Our ability to feel this wonderful emotion is fed by its own power and the power of this emotion is re-consumed. Its recyclable! LOL

There’s a song that says “It takes a fool, to learn, that love don’t love nobody.” I’ve thought about these words time and time again and I now understand what it means. LOVE is simply what you see here, a four letter word. It is never enough to tell someone. “I love you!” Love has to be projected somewhere, and in order for that projection to be seen, to be felt, there has to be an action.

These words that I write, are not meant in the least, to be a guideline on what to do to show someone that they are loved. No one can truly tell you this. Love is felt from within, and from within you are guided.

If you love someone, but know in your heart that you have not made every attempt to show that you do. It would be to your advantage to not let another moment go by without exemplifying the fact.

Remember, there is an amazing power in truly loving someone. So give it truly, give it freely. Someone (and perhaps many someones) have loved you. It’s a never- ending circle. “It takes a fool to learn that Love don’t love nobody.” Therefore it needs YOU to keep love, loving.

Thank you for reading,

Trennell/a.k.a Trenni


About Divided Chaos

Well, what can I say about me??? I know~ Here goes..... I am not your average, just let me type meaningless words that are neither thought provoking or inspiring on a computer screen, just because I have a computer and nothing better to do, kind of gal. My goal is to present debatable ideas and topics, open up a dialog, and perhaps come up with viable solutions. I am candid, honest, and at times, even controversial. However, I am also liberal minded and ready to learn and impart different perspectives about a wide array of things. I just hope that I will be afforded the same regard. I am fun, enthusiastic, emotional, social, and competent. In short, I am human. It is my desire that you truly enjoy what you read from me and comment, comment, comment. If you don't ... well then... How in the heck am I supposed to know let me know??? So, In short, All feedback is appreciated, and if you are honest as I'd like you to be, and I am as receptive as I pledge, then between you and I, there can be no 'Chaotic Divide'.

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